Podcast: Egypt and the IMF

An International Monetary Fund delegation is back to Cairo today amid efforts to advance a stalled $4.8 billion loan agreement. 

But tensions are running high.  IMF officials arrived within hours of opponents and backers of the president Mohammed Morsi clashing near the Muslim Brotherhood’s Cairo headquarters.

In what we hope to be the first of a series of podcasts on Rebel Economy, the blog’s editor Farah Halime spoke with two business journalists, Nadine Marroushi, a business and finance reporter and Amira Ahmed, deputy editor at Egypt Independent about the impasse between Egypt and the IMF.

While Nadine says she’s pessimistic the government will get past this stumbling block under Mr Morsi considering the lack of trust from the people, Amira calls on all political parties to bolster their efforts to offer viable reform alternatives that address Egyptians’ concerns.

Special thanks to Cairo-based radio journalist Kimberly Adams, who produced this podcast. 





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