Outspoken & Outgoing: Egypt’s FinMin Says “People Don’t Like To Work”

Egypt’s finance minister, Momtaz El Saied, is due to hand over the baton to a successor, but not without getting his last word in.

He told Daily News Egypt“After six months I discovered that the real crisis in Egypt is that people don’t like to work, they throw trash everywhere, and want money without working”.  

Electing a member of the Muslim Brotherhood as the next finance minister would also be a “mistake and may very well result in a greater deficit”, the article cites El Saied as saying.

During his term in office as Egypt’s fourth finance minister since the revolution started, he’s submitted a budget that actually shows the country’s deficit will increase 12.5% in the fiscal year, he’s failed to secure a $3.2 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund, not addresses calls from thousands of labourers for better workers’ rights, and he’ll be passing over a huge balance of payments deficit that has doubled over the year.

No wonder he’s grumpy.


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